Energy Efficiency

Energy Efficiency

The adoption of energy-efficient technologies has the ability to generate both private and social rewards, in the form of economic, environmental, and other social benefits from reduced energy consumption. Social benefits include improvements in air quality, reduced greenhouse-gas emissions, and increased energy security.

Ingevita is dedicated to providing engineering services, particularly those related to the energy efficiency of buildings and industrial facilities, as well as the comfort of the occupants and/or workers.
We carry out energy and environmental studies, which seek to get a thorough diagnosis of the current state of the buildings and facilities, in terms of both energy and quality of the indoor environment. Through the breakdown of energy consumption, we seek to identify areas where any intervention is most effective and propose appropriate solutions.

We have, at all times, a multidisciplinary technical team with a background in engineering and with specific training and technical accreditation for carrying out energy audit under SGCIE, Energy Certification within SCE, Measurement and Verification (M&V) according to IPMVP protocol.

We have all the equipment required for the on-site support of the energy audits.

Provided Services
Energy Diagnostic
Assessment of the use and consumption of energy on the facility/ process/ equipment/installation, including electrical measurements of the most representative sectors. Allows us to identify opportunities to reduce energy consumption

Energy Audits and Consumption Reduction Plans
Energy Audits, Energy Consumption Reduction Plans, Progress and Execution Reports, according to the Portuguese energy-intensive consumption management system (SGCIE).

Energy Performance Certificates
Energy Performance Certificates of buildings (according to the Portuguese regulations of the EU Directive 2010/31/UE).

Measurement and Verification (M&V)
Measurement process, according the IPMVP protocol, for the determination of savings generated by energy efficiency projects.

Project and Commissioning
Development of thermal and HVAC projects aimed at increasing the energy efficiency of buildings. Commissioning of energy efficiency relevant systems to ensure the implementation of the most efficient solutions on the construction phase.