Health and Safety at Work

Health and Safety at Work

"A healthy workplace is one where employees and managers collaborate to use a process of continuous improvement in the protection and promotion of health, safety and welfare of all workers and the sustainability of the workplace..."
World Health Organization

Investment in prevention of occupational risks, tends to be substantially lower than any costs due to accidents or occupational diseases driven by these risks. The investment on the improvement of working conditions, is also beneficial for the productivity, not only by reducing the number of sick days due to accidents, but also by the motivational aspect that has on employees.

The Occupational Health and Safety at Work should therefore be seen as an investment capable of generating value and not simply as a cost.
Ingevita is an entity authorized by the Authority for Working Conditions for the provision of external security services at work.

The Ingevita has a multidisciplinary technical team with basic training in different engineering and additional training in health and safety at work and safety coordination in construction works. Given our skills and technical staff, we are focused and legally qualified to provide external services companies that perform high-risk activities, including:

- Work in construction, excavation, earthmoving, tunnels, with risks of falls from height or burial, demolitions and intervention in railways and roads without traffic interruption;
- Activities involving the use or storage of significant quantities of hazardous chemicals that could cause serious accidents;
- Production and transport of compressed gases, liquefied or dissolved, or significant use;
- Activities involving exposure to biological agents in Group 3 or 4;
- Work involving exposure to silica.

Services provided under the Health and Safety at Work

Health and Safety at Work

- Organization and Management of Health and Safety Activities at Work:
. Preparation of specifications relating to the needs of Occupational Health and Safety;
. Organization and monitoring of Occupational Health and Safety services;
. Preparing manuals of security procedures.
- Consulting in Occupational Health and Safety:
. Study of workstations;
. Adequacy study of personal protective equipment;
. Safety signs project;
. Fatality statistics.
- Risk Assessment:
. Safety Audits
. Assessment/investigation accidents claims.
- Internal Emergency Plans Implementation.

Health and Safety Coordination in Construction Works

- Health and Safety Coordination on Project Phase;
- Health and Safety Coordination on Construction Phase;
- Preparation of Health and Safety Plans and Technical Compilation

Environmental Assessments

- Analysis of environmental risks:
. Air quality - exposure to chemical, physical and biological contaminants;
. Occupational noise;
. Lighting;
. Thermal comfort;